The first Hall of Vape in Hamburg


Announcement – The Hall of Vape 2019 Hamburg

Moin Moin friends of well-groomed steam,

Already before / since the first “The Hall of Vape” in April 2016 in Stuttgart, we hear many sad voices, especially from the far north of Germany, that the distance to Stuttgart is very long and that, unfortunately, not at a reunion of Vape can participate. These voices continue to increase each year and with each Hall of Vape. In addition, since the 2nd fair in May 2017, we have been asked by many national and international exhibitors why we only organize a The Hall of Vape in the year. To be honest, we were not thrilled with the idea of ​​organizing a 2nd fair, especially since this year and the countless steamer fairs here in Germany.

Nevertheless, we have recognized at some point that the need is simply there and that we also have the steamers in the north of Germany – and the region which is definitely not small – something back. This opinion is also shared by many of our exhibitors.

In a nutshell, we would like to announce that we have been working on a 2nd Hall of Vape since June 2017 (!) And are very excited to announce that the Hall of Vape in 2019 – 2x will be there. Look forward to Stuttgart now on the

The Hall of Vape

Hamburg Fair (B2B / B2C)

16-17 November 2019

Similar to Stuttgart, the Hall of Vape in Hamburg will begin with a smaller area (compared to the THoV Stuttgart), but with 10,000m2 of exhibition space will be anything but small and also the second largest steamer fair in D in terms of area size. This event is planned for the moment only once, we will decide together with our exhibitors after the fair whether the Hall of Vape will repeat in Hamburg.

Everything else we will love you in detail and detail as we always do after the gigantic Hall of Vape 2019 in Stuttgart announce.

We want to tell in advance only so much, the Hall of Vape 2019 in Hamburg is already – half a year earlier – 90% occupied by exhibition space and will be sold out in a few weeks. This even before we officially went out.

So look forward to how we do it immensely – we do not just come to Hamburg – we come with really much quality, top exhibitors and a lot of love and steam to Hamburg! Tickets are available after the Hall of Vape Stuttgart on our website from Monday 03.06.2019 to buy.

Your Team “The Hall of Vape”


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