“The Hall of Modders” sold out

“The Hall of Modder” sold out

Unlike originally planned, the Hall of Vape team finally decided in September 2019 to present a high-quality Hall of Modders to the visitors of the Hall of Vape 2019 in Hamburg.

Numerous “modders” and many vapers have expressed the wish for a Hall of Modders countless times over the months, just like the unique Modders exhibition, which is loved and admired in Stuttgart for years.

Twenty-five international exhibitors will enchant the visitors of the Hall of Vape 2019 with their products on both days and sweeten their stay at the fair.

Again, we would like to mention that the Hall of Modders was sold out within 3 days. The exhibitor directory of the Hall of Modders is already available online under following link:



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