For People With Disabilities

Lifts for the disabled are located in halls B1 and B3 as well as in the Foyer East. Visitors with walking disabilities can borrow a wheelchair free of charge on site. Please reserve a wheelchair in advance by e-mail, stating the date of your visit. A visit to Messe Hamburg with electric wheelchairs is permitted.


Disabled toilets are located in Hall A1. The toilets are accessible with the European Universal Key.


Behinderten-Parkplätze erreichen Sie (je nach Verfügbarkeit) über

Tore B1 und B4 / St. Petersburger Straße
Tor B5 / Bei den Kirchhöfen
Tor A3 / Lagerstraße

Die Parkplätze kosten 3,00 EUR pro Tag.

Disabled Guide Dogs

For consideration of the animals, we ask you not to bring blind / companion dogs.

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