Hall of Modders 2019

Also in Hamburg 2019 we offer our visitors a Modder exhibition like there is no other in Europe. Nearly 25 well-known modders from all over the world, who belong to the absolute world leaders, will present their extravagant works of art in our unique Hall of Modders exhibition and will amaze all mod lovers. The Hall of Vape is especially proud of this exhibition.

HalleStand-Nr.Firma (Aussteller)
A1E 25/1HDNE
A1E 25/3Steampunk
A1E 25/4T´36 Artesanales
A1E 25/5Elcigart
A1E 25/6Noname Mods
A1E 25/7Core Design
A1E 25/8The A Design
A1E 25/9DB Mods
A1E 25/10Original Moddog
A1E 25/11The Juice Traveller
A1E 25/12Hussar Vapes
A1E 25/13Steamtuners / Vault
A1E 25/14Atmizoo
A1E 25/15MK Mods
A1E 25/16Modatty
A1E 25/17MMV
A1E 25/18U-Mods
A1E 25/20Stellar-M
A1E 25/21Drako Mods
A1E 25/22Nameless Mods
A1E 25/23Morningstar

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