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“Vaping fair in Oberhausen, and yet again I can’t go”

These were the words of Kiri Simeonidis (Hall of Vape founder) for 3 consecutive years, until in the fall of 2015 an idea of vaping fair in Stuttgart crossed his mind.
He arranged a meeting with “Messe Stuttgart” and set the things in motion, quickly after that, his main partners brothers Ira and Taso and sister in law Franziska were on-board the project. Facebook group was the first thing to be created, in the early days Kiri and his knowledge about the vaping scene and E-cigarettes was decisive as he was the primary contact for the organizers. Everybody doubted the success of Hall of Vape back then.

Ira Simeonidis

Executive Director

Franzi Simeonidis

Executive Director

Kiri Simeonidis


Taso Simeonidis


The Simeonidis family approached the E-Dampfermesse project. First of all, the framework conditions needed to be created so that an independent vapingfair could be created from scratch. Ira and Franzi Simeonidis founded an event agency in order to be taken seriously by future partners like the Stuttgarter Messe Gesellschaft. Once the hurdles had been overcome and the venue was set, it was time to fill the more than 5,000 m² of exhibition space with exhibitors.
The pressure was enormous and organizing such a big event with a regular job, was anything but easy. The concept and the implementation were designed and defined by the organizer, one exhibitor after another was convinced until finally one sold out on stands shortly before the beginning of the exhibition. Unforgettable is the promise of the first Hall of Vape exhibitor – the InTaste company, including all the top brands that you already ran in 2015. This gave the organizer team the necessary strength to address the more than necessary support and security of other well-known and leading companies in Germany as well as abroad and to win them over for a trade fair participation.
The mood tipped weekly and the growing enthusiasm as well as the popularity of the vapers throughout Germany increased with every exhibitor who was announced day by day. Almost no well-known national device or liquid manufacturer could escape the pull and became part of this project.

After exhausting 6 months, the first “The Hall of Vape” 2016 was held. 110 exhibitors and more than 7,700 visitors made the first vaping fair in Stuttgart a success and for all participating parties an enormous experience. Since then, the Hall of Vape has grown steadily and sustainably and is currently one of the largest, most respected fairs of its kind in the world.

“The Hall of Vape” is more than “just” a vaping fair for both the founder and the organizer, the Hall of Vape is a matter of the heart – created solely for the love of vaping.

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Tommy Primorac


Alex Vogel


Gabi Reisinger


Chris Kaltzidis

Operations public relations

Lisa Reisinger

Project Manager

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