#ecigarettesaveslives video campaign

#ecigarettesaveslive video campaign



The Monday morning of September 24, 2019 was the birth of our idea to do something about the negative false reports and the media bashing regarding the e-cigarette. We were tired of watching and hearing how badly and negatively the e-cigarette was presented and rated in the media and decided to let the people speak, the people who managed to get away from the traditional cigarette thanks to the e-cigarette.

Video call

Our spontaneous video call by asking former smokers to tell us their story about the switch to the e-cigarette and its consequences turned out to be a small viral miracle. The turnout was enormous and far exceeded our expectations. Well over 100 people have sent us their stories via email, whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. There was a lot of moving material, people were open and honest about the significant improvement in their health and wellbeing. The result is the following video – have fun watching it:

ecigarettesaveslives Video

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