The Hall of Vape meets McDonalds


At the beginning of this year 2019 we as Hall of Vape Team were thinking intensively about new ways to reach more potential vapers and smokers and to win them over for our expo. After many internal discussions we came up with the idea to contact the world’s largest fast food company and to talk about cooperation. Although the confidence was not very high, we found open doors at the McDonalds Restaurants After several discussions with Mr. Betzien, who operates 8 McDonald´s in Stuttgart and the surrounding area, a cooperation agreement was reached quite quickly.

As a result, the result was that a total of well over 200,000 flyers were issued with every order in all participating branches and, conversely, all visitors to The Hall of Vape in Stuttgart received a voucher per person which can be redeemed at the two branches at Stuttgart Airport.

We are very proud of this cooperation and will gladly expand it further. We are also very happy to have found an excellent and reliable partner in McDonald´s and Mr. Betzien.

Stay tuned.



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